URXmobile Announces Availability of Best-in-Class Digital Program for Orthopedics

Mountain View, CA – URXmobile System announced today the availability of its first orthopedic program, a white-labeled program for providers performing Knee and Hip Replacement procedures. The program runs on the URXmobile patient engagement platform, which is uniquely capable of delivering programs for virtually any condition or treatment plan.

URXmobile’s platform — and the programs that run on it — deliver an unequaled experience for patients and providers alike. As orthopedics moves quickly toward value-based payments for public and private payers, the advantages URXmobile brings are numerous:

  • Customized to each provider’s pathways, protocols, educational content, and branding
  • No changes to workflows
  • Improves care coordination for all patients
  • Identifies higher risk patients and facilitates cost effective interventions
  • Automated coaching is an extension of the patient’s provider
  • Seamless two-way communications
  • Purpose-built care team management console (optional) covers entire episode
  • Integrates with eHR and patient portal systems, as desired
  • Improves scores and capture rate of PROMs
  • Lowers post-acute care costs while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction

For patients, the experience is an extension of their care team and includes:

  • Personalized and dynamic experience that coaches through each phase of care
  • Super easy to use, with each interaction delivering value in less than a minute
  • Improves communication with care team
  • Increases confidence and follow through on all aspects of care plan
  • Acts as an early warning system by “connecting the dots”
  • Proactively triggers actions that lead to good habits
  • Provider-vetted multimedia info available 24×7

URXmobile has secured its first pilot customer, a nationally recognized leader in orthopedics doing thousands of knee and hip replacement procedures each year.

“We’re very excited to have this program in the market, and with the response it’s received,” said David Thompson, CEO of URXmobile. “People immediately recognize how different it is from other programs and the advantages it offers to patient and provider alike. We developed our market leading platform by delivering best-in-class programs for chronic conditions and this gives us superior functionality to draw from for orthopedics, starting with knee and hip replacement. Utilizing our unique technological advantages, we’ve proven beyond a doubt that we can deliver best-in-class digital engagement programs for virtually every condition and treatment plan. People having knee or hip replacement surgery – and their providers – will benefit extensively from pre-op right through to an optimized recovery.”

More information can be found on the company website at www.urxmobile.com.

About URXmobile

URXmobile is the only patient engagement platform for value-based care providers delivering fully automated and customized coaching. Putting the patient at the center of a highly personalized, dynamic, and intelligent experience that follows their provider’s clinical pathways, protocols, multimedia educational information, and branding results in better health outcomes at significantly lower costs. URXmobile has proven the efficacy of its programs in multiple clinical trials and commercial deployments with a wide range of patient populations.

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